Namespace: subscriptions


Push Notifications Subscriptions


staticQB.pushnotifications.subscriptions.create(params, callback)

modules/qbPushNotifications.js, line 55
Create device based subscription (subscribes) (read more)
Name Type Description
params object Object of parameters
Name Type Description
notification_channel string Declare which notification channels could be used to notify user about events. Allowed values: apns, apns_voip, gcm, mpns, bbps and email
push_token object Object of parameters
Name Type Description
environment string Determine application mode. It allows conveniently separate development and production modes. Allowed values: evelopment or production
bundle_identifier string optional A unique identifier for client's application. In iOS, this is the Bundle Identifier. In Android - package id
client_identification_sequence string Identifies client device in 3-rd party service like APNS, GCM/FCM, BBPS or MPNS. Initially retrieved from 3-rd service and should be send to QuickBlox to let it send push notifications to the client
device object Object of parameters
Name Type Description
platform string Platform of device, which is the source of application running. Allowed values: ios, android, windows_phone, blackberry
udid string UDID (Unique Device identifier) of device, which is the source of application running. This must be anything sequence which uniquely identify particular device. This is needed to support schema: 1 User - Multiple devices
callback createPushSubscriptionCallback The createPushSubscriptionCallback function

staticQB.pushnotifications.subscriptions.delete(id, callback)

modules/qbPushNotifications.js, line 86
Remove a subscription by its identifier (unsubscribes) (read more)
Name Type Description
id number An id of subscription to remove
callback deletePushSubscriptionCallback The deletePushSubscriptionCallback function


modules/qbPushNotifications.js, line 70
Retrieve subscriptions for the user which is specified in the session token (read more)
Name Type Description
callback listPushSubscriptionCallback The listPushSubscriptionCallback function